Monday, May 24, 2010

1 Year Pics!

We had Makenna's 1 year pics done last Thursday. I took the day off work...I really needed a mental health day! I really enjoyed the bonding time, although, Makenna did not nap that day except 30 min in the morning, and a few minutes in the car later. But she did very well despite the tiredness. Check out these pics!!

This weekend, Makenna learned to climb on a stage. Not only that, but it was a stage at a clothing store, right by the front window. So Makenna would climb up on top, walk to the window, and hit the glass to get people walking by's attention! She was loving all the attention!!

She also has learned to sing "Old MacDonald"!! She will go "E-I-E-I-E-I.." Not quite saying the "O" yet! My future American Idol! Yeah right!! Those skills don't run in her genes, but her voice sounds angelic to me! She has also perfected "Bye-bye."

When I picked her up today, her and 4 other, older kids on the street were playing with water guns. There were a couple of buckets of water, and they were all huddled around them, filling up their water soakers. Makenna was butting her way into the group to be a part of the action. She looked so big toddling around with the big kids!! She especially loves Ella, our almost 4 year old neighbor. They have the best time together! They both cried Friday when we all went in for dinner. They wanted to stay out and play!! It was adorable!!