Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Eyes of Texas are Upon You....

Well, we're a little disappointed, but I'm going to go ahead and put up these pics. Only because I think Makk looks soooo adorable! This top one is my absolute fave pic in a while! We watched the game at my grandparent's house where 5 OU fans, who I happen to be related to, were also there watching. We all kept it nice and loving, but it was a little embarrassing we lost!

Can you see the curls? It's always hard to capture in pics, but I was hoping you could see them!

She is wearing UT Squeaker shoes we found at UT back in March when Brady and I went down there for our anniversary.

Again, this child loves to read! The teacher in me is cheering!!

I love this beautiful little girl!!

What happened to September?

I am not sure where September went. So sorry that I haven't blogged in such a long time! I have several coming up. Here are some play pics of Makenna. I do have lots of updating to do, but I will do that over the next few blogs.
Makenna and her GiGi playing and having lots of fun!

Makk and I go to Sikes Lake a few times a week to walk around. This was one of the first times we went to just feed the ducks and Makk liked running on the bridge.

Feeding the ducks. She loves to say the word duck and to quack. She used to combine duck and quack, but now she has separated them again.

We still had Makk's bday gift cards, so we bought her a Cozy Coup when it went on sale. She looooves to sit in in and read books. Sometimes she wants the floor in, and other times she wants you to take it out so she can push herself backwards in it. She is reading her fave book above, Fish Kisses.

She sure does love her car! She also likes to beep the horn, and she likes to say the word beep using the hand motions. She learned it from The Wheels on the Bus song.