Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Birthday Blogging

I have posted some more birthday pics. Unfortunately I ran out of memory in my camera, so I will have to snag some more family shots from GiGi's camera.Daddy, Mommy, Makenna, and Auntie Dee.
Moni and Makenna
Meme, Riley, Mommy, Makenna, and Papa.
Daddy, Mommy, Uncle James, Makenna, Popsie, Kristen, and Nana.
Makenna finally enjoyed her party when she got to sit in her chair, chew on a crown, and throw some balls! Makenna had a blast with Christine as they threw balls around.
She wasn't ready for her wagon ride just yet! She looooooved it the next day and afterwards!
Poor, pitiful sweetheart!
She loved her Bible, among all her other fun gifts.
She really loved that frog!
Of course she loved her goldfish! Wait a minute...a frog, goldfish, this doesn't sound like a sweet princess party for a sweet princess!
Daddy helps me feel better after Mommy made me try my cake.

Thanks again for everyone who came and helped us to celebrate. It was a wonderful first birthday!!

Updates: When we went to the dr, she weighed 22 lbs 12 oz, and was in the 40%. She was almost 30 in long (29 3/4), 67%. She is running around, literally!! I can't keep up with her! She is in to everything she can get her hands on! It's amazing the places she can get to and the things she can reach for her small size! She also has 4 teeth now and 2 on their way in the front, and swollen molars in the back.

Some of her favorite food is still any kind of fruit, but it has to be fresh. She is kind of a fruit snob! fruit cups are good enough unless it is from Chic-fil-e. She also still loves any kind of beans or peas, especially black beans and lima beans. She is now really loving chicken from chic-fil-e. I've been getting her some kids meals, but she still isn't allowed to have french fries.

Some of her favorite activities are walking around, playing for hours in her ball pit, taking baths!! We will say to her it is bath time and she takes off running toward the bathroom saying "ba, ba, ba". She can't say the /th/ sound yet. I signed her up for waterbaby 1 classes in June. I am thinking that she will love it since she loves her bath so much, at least I hope so! We already have 5 bathing suits for each day of the week! Now we need some cute towels, maybe that are monogrammed. That is my newest thing I am searching for.

BTW, talking about her dr.'s apt, they were going to give her a chicken pox shot. I declined for now, but can have the option again at 15 mo apt. What is everyone's thoughts on this subject? Dr. Nash said it is to prevent complications from the chicken pox, and that it isn't just about the inconvenience. I don't mind having a chickenpox party when she is a couple of years old-early preK to get it out of the way. Again, I would really like to hear everyone's thoughts, ideas, beliefs, facts....Thanks so much!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Makenna!!

Makenna is now 1 year old!! I can hardly believe it! This has been the best and exciting year of our life! It has truly been a joy watching her grow and discover new things! Saturday she said "bye-bye" for the first time! Before it was 'ba-ba". Now she is really sounding it out! Also, she was trying to say bath tonight but came out "ba". She looooves her baths! We have to spell out the word now if we aren't giving it to her directly.

Well, we had a very busy and exciting weekend! So many family members and friends came and it really made us feel loved and special! I was uploading the pics in a certain order, but blogspot added them on top of each other for every new group of pics I uploaded, so it is all messed up. Oh well!

In the above picture, Makenna is sitting in her special chair she got from her Aunt Shelly, Uncle Jody, Christine, Zach, and Honey-the-Rescue-Dog. We love it and she has loved sitting in it and pulling up in it! It is so adorable! Thanks!!!!!
This is her little cake. Market Street did a fabulous job!
GiGi made this cute poster!
Makenna felt a little overwhelmed and was kinda clingy to me. She got better though. I did make her tutu, onesie, and bib. We were just about to sing to her.
This sums up the cake part! She cried after I stuck some icing in her mouth. She really isn't a fan of sweets!
This was her favorite part of opening up presents. She loved her goldfish from Nana and Popsie!
The birthday outfit was build around this adorable party hat that she received from Judy Dodson at her baby shower last year. It is soooo adorable! We love it! Thanks Judy!!
Makenna's special banner. I didn't realize it was hard core vinyl. I could cover up all the 1's somehow and use it every year! Yes, it was a princess themed party!
Here is her highchair.
Here is a close-up o the party hat.
Her yummy cake that Market Street made to match her napkins.
This was Makenna's first cake on her actual birthday. She loved the sprinkles!!
Then she dug in!
It made her mad to feel it on her hand, but she kept doing it!
GiGi got her this special outfit to wear on her birthday. Of course Makenna pulled off on of the buttons in the tree!

I have some more pics, but it is getting late. Thanks again to everyone who came and helped make Makenna's first birthday a very special one. I can't wait for all the next ones to plan themes for! She is the best thing in my life along with Jesus and Brady. I truly cannot imagine my life without her. I just hope she will always let me cuddle her and love her and give her as many hugs and kisses as I want! Yeah right! Thanks again everyone!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Here are the rest of the pics I promised. The Blogger was still not cooperating, so I had to upload only a few at a time. And the pics are a little out of order. Last Saturday, we went to Deborah's parent's house to hunt eggs. Here are those pics!

Her eggs were filled with gerber snacks like cheese puffs and yogurt melts, and cheerios!
She was eating the grass!

She looooved the grass!
She enjoyed those colorful eggs full of yummy goodness!
She's so proud of herself!
She liked to put them in the basket, then take them out.

I have tons more, but it is taking forever to upload them! Hope everyone had a happy Easter!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Praise Jesus that He rose from the grave! We had a wonderful church service this morning! Today was Makenna's first time in the Duck Class. They had to move her up. In this room they have one of those tables with the 6 chairs in them. She is such a big girl now! She seemed to really enjoy it! :)

Yesterday we went to Deborah's parents house to egg hunt. Really, the big kids hunted and I took Makenna on the side of the house, rolled her eggs out for her so she could pick them up easily. She loved it! She loved the fake grass most I think...until she discovered her yogurt melts in the eggs! And her cheese puffs!

Today, we just relaxed around the house after church. Then we took a nice family walk on the trail by our house and played at the park. We slid and swung, but Makenna wasn't too into it today. What she really loved was when I mooed at her! She could not stop laughing at the cow noises!

Okay, I had a tooooonnnnof pics to upload but after two failed attempts, I tried just this one, and it worked. I'm going to bed and will try again tomorrow!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!

No jokes today! We have really been enjoying the sunny and warm weather! I washed all of Makenna's 12 month clothes and was so ready for her to wear them! Well, she has sure looked cute and summery this week. I try to take a pic of her each morning before we all head out, but she doesn't always cooperate. Here are some pics!From this morning. She was not too happy.
I love this seersucker dress!
Trying her cupcake from McKinnely's!

Look how she walks! She is taking up to and over 10 steps! Unless she is being stubborn and sits down to thwart our practicing!