Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Here are some Valentine's pictures of out little Lovebug....who has been throwing the biggest fits./ Today, she pulled out a clump of hair while she was in time-out. But she definitely has many sweet moments. I did make her shirt! I lucked into the leggings at Kohl's! The tutu was made by my friend's mom when she was 6 mo old! It happened to still work. Tomorrow is her party at school, so I had to wash this outfit tonight (which she only wore a couple of hours today anyways) so that she can wear it for her party, minus the tutu. The tutu might be a little much for school. I'm excited I get to go to her little party! The jewelry was a V-Day gift from GiGi and Pops. She wouldn't take it off and had to wear each piece all day!!