Friday, February 26, 2010


Same's late. I'm tired. Sitting on the couch with the laptop. No camera close by. Still no energy to get up and get it. Makenna crawled forward for the first time today!!!! She also got her 2nd tooth last weekend. She is walking around like crazy! Well, while holding on to our fingers. She is pulling up a lot very well. She is holding on to an object, reaching out to another piece of furniture and walking herself to it. Today she was sitting on the livingroom floor, which is laminate wood, and she was using her heels to turn herself in circles. She was totally doing donuts on the floor! We had a good laugh! I just can't believe how big she is getting! We are barely nursing and it is a little sad, but I've accepted it. We nurse a little right when she wakes up, and right before bed. I know I need to cut one of those, then the other, but I'm want to hold on for a few more weeks! Is that bad? I know she isn't getting much because she will drink 5-6 oz of milk afterwards.

Also, Makenna is now 10 months old!! I am already planning the birthday party!! Trying to decide where to have it: A, B, or A and B.

Deborah, my best friend, was induced yesterday. After a long day, baby Brock Andrew was born at 8:33 PM!! He weighed 8 lbs even and was 20 in long. He is so perfect and handsome!! I got to hold him a long time last night and forgot how small they are! I wasn't able to go up to the hospital tonight because Deborah was very tired, but we are going in the morning. Can't wait to see him again! It doesn't seem that Makenna was smaller than that 10 months ago. So many little memories of the hospital came back last night. Just remembering her newborn cry, how she only slept on my tummy because she hated the cradle. It seems like it was yesterday, and also that it was a super long time ago. It made me excited to do it again!...but not too soon!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Long Absence

Family and Friends:

I am very sorry about my very long absence from blogging. We have been very busy! This is our first relaxing weekend. Last weekend we lost power for 3 days, and lost lots of food. I should have waited to stock up at Sam's! Oh well, it could definitely be worse.

Makenna's first tooth came in Thursday, the first night of our power outage. She slept with us in our bed and we all cuddled up tight to keep warm. That is when I felt the sharp point of her first pearly white! She never ran a fever or acted in pain. It surprised me a little. I've been abole to sneak a peek, but it is very difficult. She keep covering it with her tongue. I've noticed this past week that she is rubbing her tongue over her bottom gums, feeling her tooth. She seems a little confused as to what this strange thing is in her mouth!

She is talking non-stop! It is now "mamama" all the time and "dada" all the time. She really enjoys screaming this also. She thinks it is a lot of fun to scream, to growel, to garggle, and so many other noises. She cracks herself up! At her sitter's, she will have a screeching contest with the 5 month old! They just laugh at each other! She is also giving high-5's, waving, and can kind of say "hi." Two weekends ago it really sounded like she was saying "dog" to Molly and Shelby, her furry cousins. She learned "nananana" a couple of days ago, so I know anytime she might learn to tell me know!

She is pretty mobile. She is standing all the time. She can walk around furniture a little. She LOVES to walk back and forth between momma and dada while holding on to us. She hasn't taken a step by herself yet, but she can stand by herself for over a minute. She can crawl backwards, and can roll around everywhere. Her most favorite thing is to stand holding on to different thins.

I have started weaning her :(. I had to because I have just about ran dry. Yesterday was my last day to pump at school (woo hoo!). That really was a pain and not very convenient. I'm down to just nursing her when she wakes up in the morning and right before she goes to bed in the evening. She isn't getting hardly anything because I will give her 5-6 ounces of formula in the mornings after I nurse her and she drains it down. She will be 10 months on Tuesday, so I feel very fortunate that I have made it this long! Now I am ready to go by some new bras that don't invloved nursing!!

I have many pics and videos to post, but I am currently sitting in the living room on my laptop and all the pics are in the desktop computer. When I get unlazy today, I will go upload some pretty pics! For now, I think I may go take a nap and try to survive my upper respiratory infection, headache, and almost pink eye infection. Tata for now!