Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Terrific Tuesday

Today, Makenna and I took a nice walk to the park. It is a really fun park with lots of fun equipment. It makes me wish I was 8 again to enjoy it all (and fit comfortably in the equipment!). I decided to take Makenna down a slide. Now, there are about 5 or so slides, but I decide to take her down the tallest one with 5 curves. I've always been fearless and adventurous, so I am hoping to pass those traits on to Makenna. I know that I will regret it the day I see her climb onto a house roof and jump into a pool or onto a trampoline. So I put her in my lap, as she is half asleep, and push off. On the way down, I notice it looks like she has joined a rock band and spiked up her hair! She had so much static electricity going on! Then we swung in the big swings. I cradled her with one arm, and held on with the other. She was awake and a little confused looking, but I think she enjoyed it! When Brady got home, he held her and "played" with her as he always does. Makenna really likes her Daddy! We are working on a super secret Father's Day gift. We are learning how picky she is. Brady was holding her and patting her back. Well, when he stopped, she pouted and cried. As soon as Brady started patting her again, she stopped and became content. She definitely already has her own unique personality, and we love it! She really is a lot of fun! Here is a pic from our first walk ever that we took last week.
Here is Makenna passed out tonight. Her hands were sticking up in the air as she slept. It was hillarious! This was the third pic I took because the first two were too dark, so she put her hands down a little at this point.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Marvelous Month

Today Makenna turned 1 month old! She is finally fitting into some of her newborn clothing. This has been the most exciting and memorable month, and did I mention tiring? Makenna must be going through a growth spurt right now because she wants to nurse when it hasn't quite been two hours since the previous feeding began. I weighed her and she is about 8 1/2 pounds. She is a growing girl! We went out to eat tonight and she did well for the most part. She really liked Target. She was wide-eyed looking around. She just may enjoy shopping as she gets older! It comes to us as no surprise given who her family members are. We also discovered today that she really loves it outdoors. I guess I need to get a porch swing or rocker so we can go outside and rock as we enjoy the fresh air. She did enjoy her first walk a couple of days ago, but was fussy the 2nd time. We think it is because it was so hot.

Here is her "Magic Chair" that she loves.

Her Daddy loves her so much!

Here is a picture from her one month birthday!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Day Dilema

I have never blogged before, but wanted to begin one when my daughter was born. I am going to try and keep up with it so that friends and family will know what is going on with Makenna on a weekly basis. Yes, I said "weekly" and not "daily." There is no way I can be as dedicated as my talented sister-in-law, Amanda. She keeps up an amazing blog daily, but my goal is to keep it up at least weekly! My dilema is how to get my blog looking the way I want it, and how to find the time to maintain it. I guess I will be adding postings at the early AM hours like now. With one hand I will be holding Makenna as she nurses, and with the other hand I will be typing. Being a mother is amazing so far! I never could imagine loving someone and caring for someone so much until she was born and I gazed upon her beautiful face and held her close to my heart. Of course I love my wonderful husband with all of my heart, but it is a different kind of love I never imagined with my daughter. Here is a picture of how cute she is! We love our big bows!! She doesn't have a choice but to be a girly-girl and love pink. I love her so much! I am going to try and nurse her again and hopefully get some sleep! I will try and blog tomorrow and add more. Hopefully I can continue to be dedicated, unlike my scrapbooking attempts!