Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

I baaaaackkk...well, I hope so! So very sorry for the long absence. Since I last blogged, we bought a house and moved and lots of other things! We got a new computer since out last one stopped working. We have an iMac and we loooove it! It makes everything like uploading pics and what not so much easier and faster!!

I have uploaded a lot of Christmas pics from my new camera which has a built in usb port that plugs directly into the computer. Cool, right? I have a whole lot more pics, but they are in my big camera and we can't find the cable to connect it to the computer right now. So enjoy these for now and stay tuned for more!

Below is Makk posing in front of our tree in her Christmas p.j. shirt which was so cute that I let her wear it as a real shirt.

Below is our advent calendar. Makk would move the star each day, with my help. I would say, "Makk, let's go do our calendar!" Then she would run over to it and pull out the star!
This is her own little tree that we put her ornaments on. It's a little sparse now, but will be filled eventually with her specialty ornaments such as her Holiday Barbie.
So I was trying to print out some pics from Walgreens since Sam's Club was broken. We had a little time to kill, so we went to Albertsons. Makk saw the buckles in this cart and so we had to ride around in it. She loooved it!!

Here is our annual pic with Santa!!!! Makk actually walked over to him on her own and allowed him to pick her up. She kept pursing her lips and this was the best one, but Santa's eyes were closed. We did practice before this. Several times while we were at the mall, we would walk by and wave. I guess it worked! She was never scared of him.
This is while we were waiting to see Santa.
Here she is rolling around on the floor. She tries to act like Molly, her furry cousin, who rolls around everywhere. I totally made the dress she is wearing by myself, and I'm very proud! I sewed it all by myself , but Grandmom gave me lots of pointers.
She loved putting a straw in Pops' mouth!
This is Christmas morning at our house seeing what Santa brought. I don't have very many pics, mainly video.
She got some bath crayons which she loved and you can see the markings in the background.
Here we are at Granny Nic's Christmas in Loving, Tx. She is Makk's only surviving Great great grandma! Teri wanted to wrap Makk up and take her home! Good thing I never turned my back on them two! ;)

We do a huge Chinese Christmas each year, and all the presents are on stage. Makk decided she needed on stage to be front center of all the attention!
Riding on a saddle.
Makk with Granny Mart and Granny Nic. Believe it or not, this is the best pic I got!
Her trampoline Makk got from GiGi and Pops! One of those awesome Back Friday deals at Sam's. Makk looooves it!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and will have a happy New Year filled with many blessings!!!