Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So after several days of waking up @ 4 AM and even 3:30 AM, I called the doctor last night to see what they recommended (she also has had a rash). I talked to the on-call nurse and she recommended that I call today to schedule an apt. Before I could call, at 7:52 AM, they called me! They got me right in to see her. I have to say that I have the best pediatrician! It turns out that Makenna has eczema, but it isn't that bad. What has been bothering her is that she is in the early stages of teething! Dr. Nash felt two humps on her lower bottom. All we can do at this age is give her Tylenol. That is why she freaks when she nurses, and why whe wakes up so early. It worked last night with the medicine, so I am hoping tonight goes well.

We have a very busy weekend coming up. I think we are going to Bowie to meet for a mini family reunion and eating at a Tea Room. I thought it was a perfect set-up for Makenna to wear her precious blue dress again, so I plan on dressing her up in that again. I'm not sure when she will get to wear it again! (Wow I have used that word 'again' a lot!) She was almost 12 pounds (11 lbs 12.8 oz to be exact) today at the doctor. That is correct: she has gained almost 2 pounds in a month! Honorary Uncle Matt (he asked to be called that) is coming in from Kansas so that the boys can do their annual Fantasy Football live draft...oh puhlease! They are a little too into this! They even got a hotel room at a 5 star hotel in Grapevine..or is it a 4 star? Anywho, it is still silly! So Deborah and I will hang out and do something else, but can't go out to the movies like in the olden days. Makenna probably won't enjoy sitting through a movie. Although I enjoy Sandra Bullock, Makenna might not be a fan! So Maybe we will have to red box it Saturday night.

Sorry I have no pics to post, but I will have a lot from over the weekend! I may even have a video! Ta-ta for now!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Still Growing

So, we're back to the 4 AM feedings again! She gets about 7 hours of sleep still, but she's not going until 6AM like she was. I really hope it is all attributed to this growth spurt! I measured Makenna to see what her 3 month measurements are. Of course I am not as accurate as the doctors and nurses with their special table, but I took a soft measuring tape. At 2 mo, she was 22 1/4 in long. This month, she is between 24 and 25 in. She also went from an even 10 lbs to about 11 1/2 pounds. She can now kind of fit not only into her 0-3 mo clothes, but her 3 month clothes! Yea! Hopefully she will be on season with her clothes for the most part now. Otherwise, lots of clothes would go to waste!

Here is her first time in her swing early last week. It was a gorgeous day and she loooves the outdoors, so we tried it out. Still a little small, but after this last week, she may fit a lot better!

Here is Makenna in the outfit that Brady and I purchased the day we found out we were having a girl! It says "Daddy's Girl" on it.

She looks very pensive here. Her face is soooo sweet and precious!!! I could kiss her cheeks all day long!

She fell asleep in her chair with her bunny. She is really loving it!!

Here is a different day with her cuddling her new furry friend!
Yesterday, we were part of a baby shower at church, so I decided to dress Makenna up in her fancy outfit. I also wanted her to wear her beautiful dress that Judy had gotten for her before it is too small. Here is Makenna and her Daddy.
Here is Daddy holding Makenna up to show off her outfit. It really made her blue eyes POP out! Isn't she an absolute doll?!

Here is Makenna and her Mommy. She is losing interest fast at this point!

Here is the whole happy family! She is really getting unhappy now.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

3 Months Old Today!

My, oh my, how the time has flown by! Today Makenna is 3 months old! This summer has gone by way too fast. She has had a big, no huge, no ginormous growth spurt this past week or so. She actually fit into a 3 mo outfit today! So I had to go through her closet and wash the 3 mo clothes. She has also been very fussy and unhappy the last week. I am hoping that it is because of the growth spurt. Sometimes nothing really seems to make her happy. Any suggestions? Also, is it too early to be cutting a tooth? She sure is drooling a lot and chewing on things. Last week she discovered a lot of things like rubbing her eyes, her feet, etc. Well in the last few days, she has discovered her head and hair. She has been grabbing her head and will sometimes sleep with her hands behind her head as if she is posing for a sexy picture. Ha! I would post a couple of pics and a video, but it is late and I am tired. I will do it tomorrow!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Heads Up!

Makenna had a good time Wednesday playing with her daddy on her new play mat. We opted for the ABC mat since she is so advanced! She enjoyed her GiGi coming to visit her and play!

Makenna has had a lot of firsts this week. She has discovered her toes, been staring at her fingers, really focusing on objects and grabbing them, and lifting her head up while laying on her tummy. She really hates tummy time! We are trying to work on it some more! As I posted previously, she is growing super fast! This is the last time for her to wear this cute purple outfit. Like her p.j.'s, it is too small in the length, but fits in the width. I guess she will be a lot taller than she is filled out!

Here she is lifting her head so high.

I have the cutest videos of her talking nonstop and grabbing Brady's glasses and knocking them off of his face, and I just figured out how to get them from my phone to the computer! Here they are.

Here is a video from a couple of weeks ago of Makenna rolling.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Growin' like a weed..or a flower!

We had a very busy weekend! Makenna and I traveled alone to WF for the first time. She did very well and slept all the way there and all the way back. We went to Amy Berardi's baby shower. She is having a boy named Lawson. Here are some pics of Makenna and friends.

Before that, we went to Granny Mart and Papaw's. Pops came over too. We had lunch and hung out until the shower.
Friday night, the Dodson's came over for a cookout. We grilled steaks for the first time on our new grill and Brady did a FABULOUS job! They sure were yummy! Later, Deborah and I gave Makenna a bath. Afterwards, I massaged lotion on her as always, then went to put on her pj's. Her size NB that fit days before was an inch too short! Yikes! She has had a mega growth spurt. So Saturday evening, Deborah and I went to buy Makenna size 0-3 months pj's. I know what your thinking...Isn't she 2 1/2 months old? Yes, she is. But up until now, she has been wearing preemie and NB sizes. She is finally moving up! Which means that she can wear a bunch more of her clothes!

Last night, Brady and I gave her a real bath. This time we filled her little tub with water. She really liked it! She was kicking and splashing in it. We gave her some toys and she seemed interested. I can definitely tell she will love bath time! Today I went to Target (again!) and bought her an infant swing to attatch to our swingset. I can't wait to use it! She likes to swing, and she loves the outdoors, so I think this will be a big hit!

Here is her in her Bumbo sitting tall and pretty!

Today is my cousin Seth's b-day. He turns 16...I think! Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rollin' Thru the Week

Makenna has been on a roll again, rolling over that is. She rolls completely to one side, but then gets stuck on her arm. She is also talking A LOT!!! We're pretty sure she will have a BIG personality and be a huge talker! Here are some rolling pics from yesterday.

Here is today before....

and after.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red, White, and Beautiful

This July 4th was Makenna's first! We had her dolled up in the perfect outfit from Gymboree. We just happened to find it on sale Friday and GiGi couldn't resist!

Yes these are feather things on top of her bow. And she is sitting up in the massage chair. Of course it is reclined back a lot!

We had a fun and relaxing day. We went to Jake's in downtown Fort Worth (it was on the Food Network show Drive-ins and Dine-ins). It was very yummy! Then we just hung out all day until fireworks that night. We went to our friends' house. The whole couldesac was out in the circle. Makenna watched the fireworks, kind of. I was actually nursing her when they began, and she didn't so much as flinch. Then we held her up to see the bright display, but she was looking around nonchallantly. I will have to add more pics from Deborah when I get them.

Above is while we were at Jake's. She sleeps at almost every restaraunt, the entire time!

It was also a very memorable night because deborah told us that she is having a baby!!!! I am sooooooo excited for them! Our babies will be about 10 months apart. I know the next 9 months will drag because I am so ready for Baby Dodson to be born! It has been a very exciting weekend! Funny story: when they told her nephews who are 4 and 7 (I think) that they are going to have a new cousin, they were confused and said "Baby Makenna?" I guess because we are like family...but really because "Baby Kenna" is the only one they know right now.

Here is Matthew, Deborah's oldest nephew. Last time he held Makenna, she tooted loudly on him!

Here is Daniel, the younger brother. This was his first time to hold Makenna. He did a fabulous job!!
Also, my baby sister, Deidra, turned 18! That is totally weird for me! She will be starting classes at University of Las Vegas this fall. Yea for her!

Today, we put Makenna in her high chair for the very first time. She tends to get upset when we put her down to eat dinner, so we figure that if we put her in her high chair next to us, she won't feel left out. It worked! She has a great one from Chicco. It leans back pretty far so she won't slump down. Then we decided to move it in front of the t.v. to let her enjoy her first experience. She watched a Baby Einstein Beethoven. She was mesmorized! I don't know what it is, but it sure captures the attention of babies. I think that she will be allowed to watch one 30 minute video a day or every couple of days. Maybe when she gets a little older we can go to 2 a day; one in the AM and one in the PM. I just don't want my children to be t.v. zombies (although Brady and I are!). I want them to grow up playing outside and being adventurous.

Here she is in front of the t.v. which is like the movie theater for her!

AWESOME news! Last night, Makenna went 8 hours between feedings and slept 7 1/2 hours!!!! We really enjoyed it! I always depend on Makenna to wake us up. Brady woke up at 6:30ish and we realized that she was still out. It was great! Hope this trend continues! I wonder how long she will go at 4 months of age? I am hoping when I start school, she could go from 9 PM to 6 AM. I guess that is doable?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Family Fun

We have had a very busy last few days. We spent the weekend beautifying our front and back yard so that we can have grill-outs. I have to say that it sure is satisfying to work very hard physically on something and see visible results immediately that will hopefully last a few weeks. Working in the yard is also very therapeutic for me!

Yesterday, Makenna started to watch her hands. I think that she is "discovering them." She also seems to have "discovered" mine and Brady's hands. She will crack up when you clap and say "yeaaaaa," and when you take her hands and clap them together. She seems to be getting close to a giggle. It sounds like a cough and hiccup sometimes. She is also watching intensely as we eat. She may be ready for solids before 6 months. I guess we will see :)! I took some video. I am going to upload it and hope I can figure it out! She is so stinkin' cute!!!! not working. I will try again later!