Friday, July 22, 2011

New pics of Caden!

My apt went well yesterday!! My placenta looks perfect! No more shelf shape or blood pools! Praise be to Jesus!

He is weighing about 2 lbs 8 oz, that is in the 60%, and still a week ahead of schedule. So looks like I'm going to have a big baby!! That would also explain why I'm so much bigger this time around!

My glucose test went well yesterday, without a hitch. I actually like the red sugary juice! I didn't even get close to fainting or anything like I did with Makk. Then I went to El Chico's and had an amazing lunch!! I will go back in 3 weeks at my 30th week, then every 2 weeks after that for 6 weeks, then it is every week until he comes! It is getting sooooo close!

Here are some amazing pics of Caden. Makenna went with us and I think she really enjoyed it! She kept looking from my tummy to the screen saying "Bubba Caden in Mommy's tummy." It was so cute! She also had to hold my hand through most of the procedure. Caden is quite the tap-dancer. He kept doing a little jig with his feet. Maybe it's the Irish coming out in him! I think there's Irish somewhere...He is also breeched right now, but there is time for him to turn. This is what also happened with Makk, and she finally turned. I did some special exercises, don't know if they worked, but it can't hurt. So I wi ll do those again.

Here is a sweet pic of his face. It's kind of difficult to see. He kept turning away.

A profile pic. We couldn't get his legs and feet in there.

His sweet little fist! He was waving to all of us. Makk thought that was neat and I think she might have waved back. She definitely said "Hi Bubba Caden!"

His sweet foot, which I'm sure I will hear stomping around before too long! Also is the reason why my bladder gets kicked so hard!

Caden is still a boy!!! I had a tiny tiny fear in the back of my head that what if the last sonogram was wrong. No need to worry!!

We are so excited and can't wait to meet our Caden!

Jumping for More Joy!

Wednesday morning we met some family at Jump for Joy. Makenna can't get enough of this place! Good thing I bought that gift card! It was a deal where you pay $12 for a $50 gift card, kind of like What a great deal!!

Here's a nice action shot of Makk.

Clambering out and very happy about her thrilling ride!

Here she is trying to keep up with all of the big kids! She was way too slow for them and they kept going around her!

Makk and her Grandmommy going down the slide together. What fun!

A new friend, Sam, who came to visit from Las Vegas. She came down with Grandmommy.

Riley had a blast too! She is our cousin.

Another great action shot! Makk really loves this place and it will be sad once school starts up because we won't be able to go anymore. :( Open jump is just during the week. But in a way that is good because the reason we can't go is because I have a job!!!

While shopping the Mardel teacher sale yesterday, Thursday, I saw 2 new co-workers, including one on my 3rd grade team! It was exciting to see many people and get some great things for my classroom!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Caden's Nursery

We got it painted! That was one of my goals before school started back. I knew I would not have the time or energy once school starts, and also, it won't be much longer until he is born after school starts. Below is the progress of the painting.

From the beginning, I wanted to do cream on top, blue on bottom, and a brown stripe in the middle. Paint was going to cost so much that I thought maybe I will just do all blue with a brown stripe. So I started to just paint the blue over what was a goldish, peachish color from the previous owners. Then Brady mentioned that our leftover paint from our living room actually matched Caden's bedding. So then I added the bottom tape for the stripe. Took a lot of measuring and time but worth it!

I have now taped off where my stripe will be. This took A LOT of measuring and time! But that is what I had my heart set on!

A completed project!

A completed project with the bed and bedding set up!! I topped off his room by painting all the door frames and baseboards. It really needed it!!! I have now painted every baseboard in my house almost!

I looooove it and could not be happier with the results. We have the big things done. Paint-check. furniture moved in-check. Bedding in-check. I can put up the valances later. I have to figure out drapes and a new curtain rod, but that will be easy to do. Also, completing the decor and wall hangings will be easy to do later. Can't wait for Caden to be here!

My sonogram is tomorrow. We are taking Makenna and I am so excited about it! It is really important to me to include her in on the process so that she knows Caden also belongs to her. I don't want her to feel left out or pushed aside in any way. I've been talking this up for weeks about how we will see him on a tv, but will be like a camera looking in Mommy's tummy. Not sure how much she understands, but very excited all the same. I want to try and record her response tomorrow, but not sure if that will be allowed. Will send more updates tomorrow...if I have time. I have 7 apts/events tomorrow, beginning at 8 AM for the one day Mardel teacher sale!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bubba Caden

This is my last week of my 2nd trimester! Next Tuesday I begin my 3rd trimester!! I have a huge apt next Thursday. I am getting another sonogram to check on my placenta. It is a shelf shape, and has some dark spots like pools of blood. Nothing huge, but could potentially be later. So I'm not worried about it. I'm excited to get to see Caden again!! I also have to do my glucose test. It will be very boring sitting there for an hour, so I will have to bring a good book!

Caden's bedding came in today! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!! I lloooove it! I'm hoping to paint his room tomorrow.

His comforter. So sweet!!!

Part of his bumper pads.

His window valence.

His diaper holder, although I don't know if we'l use it. It just came with the set.

His crib sheet.

Found this dress today on Zulily. I looooved it instantly! Brady will be mad, but I couldn't resist!

Me this past week at 26 weeks preggers.

So we have been trying to potty train. It is frustrating and we have tried every trick! Makk really likes Barbies now. So we told her that she can have one if she goes in the potty. After making herself toot on purpose to laugh at herself, a little poo came-TMI! We counted it and got Barbie last night. I thought it would encourage her to keep going. We looked at some more at Target today to show her what she could have if she would just go! This will get expensive, but we are using her left-over birthday cash. So this is her first Barbie that she picked out. It is a dog-walker Barbie. She has played nonstop with it!

Got amazing deals today at Target! I take pics of some of my loot then never blog it. I am today! I got all this for $6.79. I saved $12.80 with coupons, plus the additional $5 or so because I bought items on sale.

Aveeno baby lotion $2.04
2 cans of Aussie hairspray $1.62 for both
UP Brand panty-liners (I'll need them one day) $0.14
Sharpies- Free- again!
Glue sticks $0.20 a pkg
Flash cards $0.47
Dice $1 (I always need dice in my classroom.)

What great deals!!!!

BTW------I HAVE A JOB!!!!!! I officially will teach 3rd grade in City View!!!!!!!!! Praise JESUS!!! I just couldn't give up. I had to continually trust Him all the past year and not worry, which is really hard to do! Spending time studying Romans has really helped me not only grow closer to Jesus, but to trust Him at all times and not freak out with worry. Scripture is very comforting and necessary for our lives. It is so easy to get caught up in worldly troubles, when all we need to do is trust God and rely on Him, and to do these things without expecting God to bless us with worldly treasures or security.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths."

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."-Those desires may not turn out to be the same in the end. When you are delighting in the Lord, your desires may and often times will change to match up God's desire for your life! Some very important life lessons I have learned along the way through the help of many Godly mentors and teachers, and God Himself!

Have a blessed day everyone!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jump for JOY!....

...and that is exactly what KK and Collin did! They also did a lot of sliding for JOY too! We had a blast as usual. It amazes me how big KK is and how she can do all this big girl stuff. I didn't have to help her on anything, except the biggest slide, which I didn't get any pics of. Below is a sequence of her sliding.

A couple of times she would fall flat on her face at the end of the slide, but don't worry. It never slowed her down!!

Collin also loved this maze with the slide at the end. Him and Makk play well together!

Big Girl Makenna going through the tunnel. This is how you enter the maze that leads you to the slide at the end.

Happy Collin!! A couple of years ago when we found out Makenna was a girl, she was immediately promised to Collin as his future wife. Then Collin had twin little brothers, so he needs to step up his competition! HA!

We had a blast and can't wait to go back!

4th of July Play Time

I loooove this pic! I finally get a good one of her smiling instead of acting up!

Our attempted family picture. Not interested!

She loved playing with Riley's baby and stroller. What a little Mamma! Maybe she is practicing for bubba Caden!

Makk and Riley on Riley's swing set.

Makk had to swing like Riley. This is her first attempt to swing like a big girl. She did pretty good holding on!

My attempt at a 4th picture with Makk and Mommy. She had better, more intereting things to do!

Happy July 4th 2011!!

Below are pictures from the last 3 4th of July's in Makk's life.

Look how little and adorable she is in her first one! She was only 2 1/2 months old. I can't get over how sweet and little she is! She was a lot quieter and easy back in those days!

i love her sweet, peaceful, sleeping face!!

This smile is too precious!!

I can't find the pics from last year, but she did wear this blue-jean outfit with 4th of July bows. What a difference 1 year can make! She is running around like a wild banshee!

Loved this dress! Got it last year clearanced out, along with the heaband. She looked sooo cute!

She had a lot of fun swimming and hanging out with the family.

How cute is this pout?! Great job Mio for capturing it! It is difficult to say no to this pout, but I find it easier each day as we roll through the terrible two's!!

We had a nice and relaxing weekend. We spent Sunday swimming at GigGi and Pops. Then Monday we went to Meme and Papa's for a birthday dinner for Aunt Dee who turned 20! No more teen years for her! Makk really loved playing with Riley at Meme's. They played dress up which included lots of jewelry and 6 pairs of princess shoes, and barbies who lived in a very tall Barbie house. Makk loved playing, but I think Riley got a little wore out by Makk's nonstop chatter!! HA! For those of you who don't know, Riley is Makk's 4 year old cousin, so to her, Makk is kind of a baby. But Makk I think proved her wrong!

We are very lucky to have such a large and wonderful extended family to celebrate holidays with!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

BLog Blog Blog

I have a love/hate relationship with my blog. I love having it and love when I blog, but I hate the actual sitting down to do it. I get all these fabulous ideas, but never, or rarely, do them. What sets me back is uploading all the pictures. That is the most difficult and time consuming part. If I could do it from my phone, I would blog all the time!

I have literally spent over 5 hours creating photo books for Makenna because today Walgreens has a special free book. So I have created two books, covering from right after she turned 1 (April 30) to December 31. My thinking was to go ahead and scrapbook the first year of her life since I printed out all the pics and bought a ton of stuff, then do digital all the other years. I love scrapbooks and the cute stickers and decor, but it gets very expensive and takes up a lot of time and space! I think I will be happy with photo books. We'll see in a couple weeks how they turn out!

Caden's bedding has been ordered!! It has been shipped as of today. Can't wait to start painting his room!!