Friday, October 23, 2009

Makenna's Half Birthday!!

Today Makenna turned 6 months old! I cannot believe that she was born half a year ago, and that in 6 more months my baby will be a year old! Oh my! It was been the best 6 months of my life! Being a mother is truly fulfilling. I'm pretty sure God called me to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. I want that 1950's mentality! So move over women's movement! JK!

Makenna was enjoying her sippy cup until she saw her Daddy toss a football up and down. It really got her attention. She loves her Daddy!

Makenna and Mommy's close-up.

What? I have a half birthday present? She really liked the paper!

What is it? I am so curious!


An outfit Moni picked up in Seattle at a specialty shop. Makenna will definitely look unique and noone else will have one like it. Her first (and only) half birthday present!

Here is my journal Moni wrote for Wednesday, the day we had our 6 month check-up. She can now eat table food, yogurt, puffs, cereal, etc. She can also move to three meals a day and drink water out of a sippy cup. Eventually she will have her milk in a sippy cup at meals. She can also move to stage 2 foods. It has all happened so fast!

After I picked her up, we went shopping and met Daddy for dinner at Chile's. 2 for $20. Can't beat such a great deal! She is showing off her Juicy Coulture shirt GiGi got her in Vegas.

Here's the full outfit with her jeans Daddy picked out at Nordstrom off the Rack. Doesn't that sound like a place Brady would have a blast at?! He did a really good job! She is wearing boots for the first time.

Here is a close-up of her furry boots. It has been getting pretty chilly. I loooooove her mary jane socks, but am thinking it isn't enough to keep her footsies warm. So I picked up a couple of pairs of shoes at Babies-R-Us last weekend. I really love these because they are cream and can go with almost anything, and they are a nice sweater-like material that I think looks more classy than other boots. All for $11.99! What a great deal! She also didn't mind them.
Can't wait for her 6 month pics to be taken this weekend. Stay tuned!! There will be lots of treats for the eyes!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Going Green

I am very tired, so I won't type very much. We tried peas, our first green vegie, on Wednesday. Here Makenna is posing with her peas.

She looks a little unsure!

Here is her bite.....

Here is her reaction!

And here is her "Why, Mommy?" face. She has never tight-lipped me when eating...until now!

Here we are at the dr's office posing in her room. She already got weighed and is now 15.8 lbs! She is in her 50% of weight and height. She put on over 3 lbs in 2 months! Woa girl! Daddy came to this apt. He wasn't too thrilled about being in the room when she got her 4 shots. But we all made it through okay!

Here is our chunkie monkey posing with her awesome pediatrician, Dr. Nash. She really is the best dr! She loves Makenna and that makes me happy!

We also tried a sippy cup on the same day. She was diggin' it!

The spoon was her favorite object, now it is the sippy cup! Apparantly they can have them and water starting at 6 months. Crazy, huh? She took right to it. More to come tomorrow on her 6 month birthday! I guess we need a cupcake with half a candle!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Little Longhorn

What a fun day today! First, we tried a new vegie today: sweet potatoes! It was like "I loved you at first bite!" She was attacking the spoon! I guess it was a little more tasty than the squash, which she has also been enjoying.

I am ready! Open wide!

She is trying to figure out how to get the spoon into her mouth! "If I stare at it long enough, maybe it will jump in on its own!"

Man this is good stuff!! She is eyeing the spoon and container. She can't get enough!
It was also a fun day because UT played OU and won! It had to be because Makenna wore her cheerleader outfit! We went to the Dodson's to watch the game. The Dodsons have a English Bulldog named Rosie. She is very sweet and doesn't know that she is a dog! She is always very curious about Makenna and wants to jump up and see her every time we have been over there. Now that Makenna is older, she has fun reactions to her environment. Rosie would sniff her feet and lick at them, and Makenna would laugh her head off! She thought it was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!! So we spent a lot of time chasing Rosie so Makenna could pet her and laugh at her licks. It got to the point that Rosie, who can be over the top, would run away friom Makenna, acting almost scared of her! Makenna just laughed and laughed! I really tried to ger her giggles on video, but wasn't successful. When we got home, she giggled a lot more as we "attacked" her tummy. Although she didn't nap very much today, she sure was in the best of moods!
Makenna and her Daddy is having a good time cheering on the Longhorns! Nice cheesy grin, Dad!
She is looking down on Rosie and laughing!
She wants to reach out and touch her so bad!
If only she could walk/run, she would chase after Rosie! Rosie has had enough at this point.
All she wanted to do was play ball! She is smiling so big!

Makenna is so big sitting up!

Doesn't this look like a professional picture? Deborah did a very good job! I don't why that is underlined! I also really love this pic! Of course she is watching Rosie.

Mommy and Baby! We're haing a good ol' time! Please ignore my chessy grin. Mommy and Daddy have that in common sometimes!

It was also a great day because us girls went and got a blizzard! A real blizzard from a real DQ! Those are very hard to find. I got an oreo with cookie dough chunks. It was all that I hoped it would be, and more. I sure do miss those. In college, Deborah and I would go every Friday to Holliday to get one. They don't have a groccery store or Walmart (every town has that!), but they have a DQ! Good times!

Then we went to look for Makenna a hot pink tutu at a chic boutique, but they didn't have one, nor did they have anything in her size. So Deborah calls me later tonight and says that her wonderful mother-in-law, Judy, offered to make me one! How wonderful is she?! I didn't even know you could make them. I am very excited because I will be using it in Makenna's 6 mo pictures.

Can you believe she is turning 6 mo already? Yeppers! On Friday! She has her 6 mo wellness visit on Wednesday. Brady is taking her and I will have to meet them after school. I'm kind of nervous because he has never taken her. I have a plethera of questions to ask, so I am very anxious. I am also excited to see her weight and growth since last time. She is getting sooooo heavy! I have broken blood vessles in my arm from carring her carrier around today!

She is kind of getting over her little cold from the last 2 weeks. She never had a fever, and her snot was always clear, and she didn't really cough, so that is wonderful...Praise Jesus! I just feel so bad for her because it seems she has a hard time breathing sometimes. There is so much snot in there and I can't suck it all out. I use nasal drops, but that doesn't always work. I am ready for her to be well!

I have blabbed enough tonight, so I will end this. Hope you enjoy reading about my sweet family! Feel free to post comments and let me know your oppionions and tips about things. I enjoy getting feedback. For instance, I know you should feed a new food early enough in the day so that if the baby has a reaction, you can catch it. What if it is at 5:50ish and she goes to bed at 7:30ish? Is almost 2 hours enough time?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Poo

Sorry no pics today. Makenna had a crazy night last night! I wish I had taken a picture of how she looked this morning. She slid off her positioner like in the picture from a few days ago, but her body was laying sideways in her crib with her head by the outide slats, and her wrap in a pile in the back corner. I don't know how she managed to do that!

My inlaws came to stay the night because they left for Vegas today. Makenna stared and stared and smiled a lot at her Pops! Maybe part of it is he looks a lot like Brady. He is also a likeable guy! Makenna really enjoyed her GiGi and Pops time this morning.

When I picked her up this afternoon, we played on her bouncer. She was fine for a little bit inside, but then she wanted out. She kept staring at it, so I held her hands so so could stand up on the floor. She walked herself over to the bouncer and hang on to it. This girl will probably never crawl, but will skip straight to walking, just like her daddy! Then she had the biggest poo diaper! Those squash are doing crazy things in that tummy of hers. It was bad because her face got all red and she grunted. It was kinds of cute and funny....until the smell hit me! Breastfed babies poo doesn't really have a smell. So to go from that to this..YIKES!!

We are looking forward to the weekend. BIG BIG game Saturday! UT vs OU. Go Longhorns!! Take that Papa! Of course we will dress Makenna up in her cheerleader outfit so she is festive for our little shindig we will have. I am sooooo glad tomorrow is Friday!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Long Overdue....

Friends and Family, I am so sorry that this is long over due. There has been a lot to blog about, but not much time!! It has been a very demanding week. Lots has happened. Makenna ate her first vegie, she has had a cold and I missed a day of work to be with her, shopping, being very clingy to mommy, etc. Makenna is now 5 1/2 months old and just started her vegies this past Saturday. We started with squash. We will next move to sweet potatoes. Her dr said yellow vegies first, then green, then fruits. I was curious how she would react, but of course, she sucked it down. She really enjoys food! She will eat anything...seriously!!

Here she is giving it another tasts. She's doing the tip of the tongue taste test.

Getting disstracted as always. She has to see what is going on.

She is so excited about her first real meal!

It is finger-lickin' good!!

She not only ate the entire container, which i didn't expect her to do, but she also ate a couple tablespoons of rice cereal. I force-fed non of it. She was upset when she was done eating!

It got a little chilly, so we put on our new hoodie we got as a special gift. Thanks!

Another new fall outfit complete with a matching bow GiGi had made. I love how her blue eyes shine!

She is so excited! She thinks I am hilarious!

Makenna had a cold this week, so we have used her infant positioner to incline her to prevent drainage from settling in the back of her throat causing infection. This is how we found her in the morning!

We used our new princess robe after our bath. She loved it!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

How 'bout them Cowboys?

This face says it all for this household tonight. Makenna's face is mirroring Brady's mood now. The Cowboys lost at the last 2 seconds. Although, today was Makenna's first day to wear her cute pink outfit. We have searched high and low for a cowboy cheerleader outfit, but no luck for a 5 month old. So our pink onsie with matching bib and socks are what we have.

This is a pre-game pic. She is pumped for the game!

Last Thursday we got a little dressed up. She was having a blast playing with her feet, flashing the camera!

"Yeah, I'm cute. Watcha gonna do about it?"
Makenna has had a good week with our new schedule. One day she took a 4 hour nap! Emily had to feed her a bottle in her sleep! She has been very clingy to me also. This weekend, she wouldn't even take a nap without me. We would put her in her crib. She would spend 1 1/2 hours in there, only sleeping about 45 min and crying the rest. So I finally get her and cuddle with her on the couch, and she sleeps another hour or so.
Friday night, Makenna and I went to Southlake to do a little shopping before Brady got off work. Then we ate at Cafe Express. That was the first time to feed Makenna her cereal out in public. It went well! After she ate, and I was trying to eat, I was making giggle noises at her to entertain her. Well, it was giggle city! She was cracking up so loud over and over! You could have heard her laughs 3 tables down! It was absolutely one of the best sounds ever! Of course as soon as I try to video it all weekend, she stops.
She also has learned to open her hands when she claps. Before she still made fists when we would take her hands and clap them together. This week she learned to make her hands open up to clap and blow kisses. We are excited for GiGi to come and visit Tuesday to spend some time with Makenna. I have a PDAS this week. That is where I get observed teaching by my principal. Pray it goes well!!