Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Matt, the Great

I want to sincerely apologize to my good friend Matt Kennedy, who we call Huncle Matt (short for Honorary Uncle). We had a fabulous time this weekend not only with the Dodsons, but also Matt. I could have sworn that I included him in on my weekend blog, but I guess I left him off by mistake. I want to dedicate this entire blog post to Matt, the Great. I wish I would have had my camera with me so I could jave taken more pictures. All I had was my phone, so I didn't get very many, otherwise there would be a lot of pics from this weekend including Matt. Although I did get one of him. He was putting Makenna on his shoulders in the pool, but you an't even see his face or really a person under Makk. So Matt, please accept my humble apology as I dug though 3 years plus of pics to find ones that were more you, and not just a bunch of group shots. And there were some specific pictures of you and Makenna from when she was little, but i couldn't find them (tear). I really wanted to focus on the Great Matt Kennedy. Enjoy as you reminisce through the past. We can't wait for birthday weekend in a couple weeks. I will be sure to have my camera and I'm going to get as many pics as possible then create another huge blog that is all about you!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thoughtful Friends

When we got home Sunday, there was a very sweet gift waiting for Caden. Our wonderful friend Jessica had gone to a shop and saw this lovie and couldn't resist. Thanks JEss! We love it and can't wait for Caden to use it!

Weekend at the Dodson's

We had so much fun at the Dodson's! We went swimming, and the kids played hard together. They ran and ran and followed each other around.

This is my fave pic because it looks like Makenna and Brock are holding hands. They both kept climbing into the chair and sitting next to each other. It was adorable! It's crazy how big both of them are now! Not really babies any more!

She was liking sitting next to her Daddy!

Makk looooved to sit on the float and hang out. At this part, she and Deborah were hanging out on it. It was a really fun, large float. There were some closed holes in the middle for drinks and a larger one for a mini cooler or something. It was just big enough for Makk to sit in it and "wash her feet, hands, legs, Mommy's legs," etc. She had a blast! She also was doing very well at swimming. She was doing lots of good kicing, blowing bubbles, going under water, and being thrown really really high by Daddy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Great CVC Deals!

I've been trying to blog my coupon shopping deals but haven't been very good. I begin using the products before I take a pic. Yesterday I went to CVS and made a mistake. First of all I got a free $9 razor! It was on sale for $8, you get $4 RR and I had a $4 coupon. ow I had help from the Krazy Coupon Lady with this stuff. Well be careful if it says one per household. If it does, then you CANNOT get the extra RR, so I had to immediately return the 2nd one, which they put on a gift card. Same thing with my Cetaphil face wash. On sale for $8.29, you get $2 RR, and I had a $2 mfc coupon. So I got the first one for $4.29! Because of my goof with the one per household, I got the 2nd Cetaphil for only $6.29, which is still a good deal. I have to use that face wash being pregnant according to my OBGYN.

Below is what I got today at CVS at a different location.

A few weeks ago there was a great deal on these Suave products. Now I don't ever use Suave, but if I can get it dirt cheap, I most certainly will! The wash was on sale for $2 each, and the deodorant for $1. Plus if you spend $10 in Suave products, you get $3 RR back. Combine that with 2 BYG1 free body wash, and 2 $0.50 off deodorant, you end up paying $3.08, and get $3.00 back in RR. I actually spend $2.26 and got back $3 (I had some change left on a gift card from my mistake yesterday), so I made money!

I had another raincheck for these free Preparation wipes from a few weeks ago. On sale for $3.99, and you get $3.99 in RR, so FREE! Can't turn that down! There is also a deal with Tic Tacs where you buy 2 and get a third for 1 cent. Combine that deal with 3 $0.75 off 1 Tic Tac and they cost I think 4 cents a piece (I think that is what the Krazy Coupon Lady said). I used my RR from my previous purhase, so my total was 26 cents! And I received $4 in RR, so I made money!! That is an awesome deal! You can see there is a caramel. The rule is you can't have more coupons/RR than products, so there are these yummy caramels for 33 cents at the register to even it out.

So I have learned a lot of rules at CVC: pay attention when it says "limit 1 per household". This doesn't mean per transaction, it recognizes you when you scan your Reward Card. CVS does do Rainchecks, so get them!! I actually need to get two this week myself. There is a chance to buy free Motrin and Bayer asperin, but both locations were sold out. You can't have more coupons/RR than products. You may have to go to more than one location. It never hurts to ask them when their truck days are if your product is sold out.

Also very important, follow the Krazy Coupon Lady and I actually went to school with Emily who is the Coupon Bomb, and she inspires me! There is also the DFW Coupon Mom that I sometimes look at. It's hard to figure it out on your own! 1 more good tip, get lots of inserts from the newspapers! I get them from several family members, Thank you GiGI, Grandmom, and Papa! I also go to several websites to print coupons off, like Target, Bettie Crocker,, and lots of others, including the product I want website. KCL will give you lots of links to find internet coupons.

Now that I have rambled on and on and on, I will leave you. I hope this all makes sense! It's helping us a lot and it is a lot of fun! Also, aren't you proud that I blogged 3 times today?! A new record for me! I still have a lot to blog but I will save that for later this week. I am about to get one of my tutees???? A student I tutor, I guess is called a tutee? Maybe I need to be tutored on terminology! So long friends and family!

PS I forgot to mention that I saved over $20 today! I spent less than $3 for over $20 worth of products!! And got $3 back in RR left over for my next purchase!!

Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty

Here are some random pics of Makk of her recent adventures.

This is her sweet dress with matching American Girl doll that she had gotten for Christmas. She wore this to church a few weeks ago, but didn't get any better shots. I will have to try again so that Christine Collier can have an awesome 8x10 pic!!

Makk really enjoys her Dress-Up Trunk! She loves digging around for the perfect outfit of the day, although it changes a lot! She gets all dolled up and tells me she's going shopping!!

This is Makk's first time ever to ride a quarter (or 2 quarter now) machine. We were at Toys R Us and had a couple quarters so we asked her if she wanted to ride. She loved it! We'll have to go back for the elephant!

Birthday Bash!

Here are some pics fro Collin's birthday. He had a Finding Nemo party which of course involved swimming. KK had a blast!!! She loved playing with the "big kids," who were between 4 and 6ish. The little girls really loved KK and helping her in the pool. I was very impressed how she continually would climb in and out of the pool, go up and down the slide without any help. We had to trick her out of the pool in order to eat dinner, and to leave to go home to bed. She had the best time!! Of course I missed many great photo ops. I was too scared to have my phone by the pool, and I forgot my camera. Every time she came down the slide, she had the biggest smile on her face and was laughing, but she was always turned away from my phone when I tried to snap a shot.