Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bath Fun

Tonight we tried a new bath chair that Moni let us borrow. I wasn't sure if Makenna was going to like it, but take a look below!

She had a blast! Back at Halloween, Milea gave Makenna this really fun bath toy that is a fountain. Makenna has been playing with it the past couple of weeks, but tonight she had more freedom to really grab at it!

You would think that the water spraying her in the face would bother her, but it hasn't yet! She is such a sport!
I was looking back at her very first bath pics. She has grown soooo much in so many ways! She was so tiny, and angry at the whole ordeal! I can't beleive all the dark hair she had.

Monday, November 23, 2009

7 Months Old Today!!

To celebrate Makenna turning 7 months old, we did a lot more shopping! We also visited Santa Clause. Makenna was very patient during our short wait and was amused and laughing out loud at the little girl (about 10) behind us who wore a santa hat! When we got up there, I handed her over and she just stared at Santa. That is the cute picture we kept. Then she started crying after a good minute or so. She was already very tired and it was close to lunch time. After I picked her up and gave her back her dolly, she was happy again and went to chewing on the dolls braids. I purchased the pic on a cd so that I have copy rights, but I am intentially not showing the pic yet. Stay tuned! We stayed a good long time at the mall. We had lunch with our friends, then we went to the little kid playground. On the way we stopped at Gymboree and Makenna fell asleep as I bounced her in my arms. She took a good 45 min nap or so. Then it was time to nurse. Not just for me, but also for the other 2 out of 3 moms I was with. So what did we do? We three sat side by side on a bench and nursed our babies under our Hooter Hiders! My friend Cara even had the exact one as I did. It was quite a sight! We really were discreet and didn't draw any attention to ourselves.

Then we headed off to do some more shopping. One of our many visits was to JoAnns Fabric to look for supplies to make a stocking. I did not have any luck. None of the employees could help me. I befriended some grandma who I enlisted, not intentially, to help me find fabric. I had no such luck. Our next stop was to a boutique called Apple Annie's. It is a super cute home decor cutsie shop. I ended up finding a stocking that I envisioned in my head and knew it was the one as soon as I saw it! Here it is below. I just need to get it monogrammed which may be tricky because of the fabric. Sorry Laura that I won't be able to help you out. :( You should definitely go for it!

Saturday I found the cutest bow and socks for Christmas! The bow is from a store in FW called Spoiled Pink. It is a super cute shop with lots of girlie stuff. Can't you tell by the name?! The socks are from Swoozies. They have a lot of cute things! I found a cute top from GAP today. I had the most difficult time finding a Christmas shirt for Makenna. There isn't hardly anything for little girls her size!

This is the first pic I ever posted when I began to blog. She has changed sooo much!! I really can't believe that she is already 7 months old! Baby Center emailed me the 7-12 month milestones. I was reading it with Brady and I was telling him that I cannot envision our little angel walking! She is my sweet little baby. The thought of it just blows my mind away!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Time Phase 1

We put up our tree tonight! I am sooo ready for the Christmas season! All the smells, food, and shopping to buy people the perfect gifts! Dr. Seuss's The Grinch Who Stole Christmas was on t.v. tonight and helped to put me more in a decorating mood. I have a fetish about Christmas movies. I love them!! We did some shopping this weekend and got some really cute things! Tomorrow we are going to the mall to see Santa! I am meeting 4 other friends with their kids for lunch, then we will see Santa. I searched yesterday for the perfect shoes and found them at Nordstrom Off the Rack. I found the perfect velvet bows today at Kids to Kids in Keller, plus some black tights. Karen, my wonderful mother-in-law who is always planning ahead, bought Makenna the cutest Christmas dress back in January on mega clearance!

Here is her cute dress below!
Tonight I introduce Makenna to apple juice. She loooooved it!!! I didn't give her very much, and of course added lots of water. She sucked it down! I also introduced Apricots and Apples, which she loved. When it came time for her 4:00 snack which is yogurt, I had to give her my strawberry shortcake Yoplait yogurt. I had planned on going to the store to buy her more Yo Baby, but we fell asleep together during the window of time I had, and woke up right at 4. So all I had was my strawberry shortcake. She had never tasted anything like it before, but she absolutely looooooved it! Afterwards, I did go to the store and buy more Yo Baby. I debated btw the strawberry-banana/strawberry-apple pkg, and the vanilla/banana pkg. I went for the latter because I know she loves it.

She barely would take her sippy cup out of her mouth!

See, I didn't give her very much of it.

Makenna also took a little nap with Daddy today during the Cowboy game while I went bow shopping. She enjoyed watching until sleep got the better of her. Of course Daddy did not sleep!
I have had a dilemma about getting her a stocking. I have looked in many stores and online. I haven't found the perfect one yet that I want to have monogrammed. As I lay in bed at 6 AM this morning nursing Makenna, it hit me. I can make it! I don't know why I couldn't do it. Find a pattern, cute it out, sew it....A cinch! So I have been designing it in my head all day. I am hoping to make it this week. I guess we will see!

Friday, November 20, 2009

We made it!!!

So glad that today was the last day before Thanksgiving break!!! Whew! I know I can make it to Christmas, then that will be half the school year over! Crazy, huh? I am very excited about this week because I get to spend the entire week with Makenna! Also, FOOD! And SHOPPING!!! I am so ready to start. Still trying ti work out the kinks for Black Friday. It is a tradition every year that we meet at Whataburger at like 4AM to be at the first store before they open at 5AM. Now with Makenna this year, I'm scratching my head trying to figure it all out with the nursing and pumping. Here are a few pics of this past Monday when GiGi came to visit for the day. We tried to dress her appropriately! If only her shirt said "GiGi" instead. Glitter fell from the tutu and landed everywhere!! It was worth the cute pics we got! :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

6 month Pics are in!

I have several cute pics and a couple of videos to blog, but tonight I will just share the link to see Makenna's 6 mo pics. Jessica did a FABULOUS job! She has a new and improved blog. Here is the link to see Makenna's pics! Thanks Jess!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Clickety Clackity

Here are two beautiful pics that Moni took last week. Makenna apparently loves this car thing that you push her in. She gets to steer where she wants to go. Once Makenna gets old enough, I will most definitely buy her a Power Wheel car of some sort because that is what every good mother does! :) Or maybe I want her to have one because I never did...

Yesterday we tried a new meal. She loved it! I was afraid she wouldn't like the meat, but she gulped it down!
I forgot to blog about our mall trip last Saturday. We walk in as soon as the mall opens to beat the crowd. We always park by Macy's because it is more centrally located. As soon as we walk out of Macy's, we see all these roped off lines, a stage with a runway, and a photography station set up complete with the black backdrop. And there were a lot of people there! We walk closer to the front of the mess and we see signs that say "Children's Model Search". I ask Brady immediately if we should enter Makenna in! He says he isn't sticking around to participate. We were there on a quick mission to buy Brady some new jeans. He wanted to get in and out as soon as possible. So we walk around and I keep thinking about it. We finish our shopping and head back towards Macy's. By this time there are hundreds of parents and kids! There were also several women dressed in their black aprons walking around handing out forms. I jut new they would approach us and beg us to sign up our gorgeous daughter! Me feeling were a little hurt that they did not. We left the mall and I still considered it, so I called Deborah to get her opinion. After talking to Carrie Cooley www.thecooleyfam.blogspot.com later, because she was going to enter in her daughter Reese, kids have to be older than a year. That made me feel better about not getting asked to participate! So we decided that maybe next year we will enter in Makenna and Reese!
Below is a video of Makenna clicking her tongue. She is loving all mouth noises! Tonight she soaked my shirt by making tooting noises! She also really loved her bath again! Woohoo! Tomorrow will be a fun day with the Gig!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh My Makenna

I gave Makenna a teething biscuit for the first time yesterday. She had had one before at Moni's. This was my first time to see her. She loooooved it! She ate the entire thing. There were some small pieces stuck all over her, but she woofed it down!

Today I dressed Makenna in another warm outfit since it has been so warm this week. It will be her last time to wear it. I found some cute shoes that she has worn once and put them on her. She looked adorable! Of course they didn't last long on her feet over at Moni's.

We have been practicing getting on our hands and knees. Yesterday I really noticed that she stayed for a prolonged amount of time. This is us doing it again today.

She really looks like she's headed for the Sonic cup! She loves any to-go cup. I was hoping to entice her to crawl! It almost worked.

Although she isn't crawling, she is sitting up very well!!

We had to take a bath tonight because she had banana all over her. The last few weeks she has HATED her baths. Tonight she LOVED it! She never cried, but actually laughed! She was making huge splashes with her hands. Water was all over the big tub and the floor. She was really having a hay day. She also loved her 3 duckies. She tried to grab all of them and eat them. On her next bath, I will try some of her other fun toys. I wish I had videod her bath because it was so much fun to watch her. Who woulda thunk it? I will video her next one just in case she has the same amount of fun!
Good news...I may get to keep my refrigerator in my classroom! This has been an ongoing saga for me and my colleagues. I really need mine for my breastmilk. I will have to fill out a medical form and wait for approval, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! The rest of them have to be out by Thanksgiving break. I have a huge sign on mine that says "This fridge contains Breastmilk!" With Breastmilk underlined several times. Hopefully if they come check our rooms over the break they will see my sign and understand. More updates to follow!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What a Mess!

Makenna decided that she was going to be very messy Sunday night! I love her look here. Who me? I didn't do anything.

Here are some pics from the birthday party on Saturday. I didn't get very many and the kids wouldn't cooperate. Here is a series of pics of Makenna in her party hat. Carrie is helping to hold her. The first one Makenna is sitting by herself.

You can see orange stains all over her dress above. As soon as we got in the car and got buckled in, she spit up her lunch! I didn't care at this point. I just tried to wipe most of it off and got goin'.

Not a lot of exciting things has happened the last couple of days since she was drenched in Dr. Pepper! She really tried to eat my Chipotle tonight. She even stuck her hand in my burrito and grabbed some filling! She didn't eat it though. I did put a pin drop of guacamole (without any other add-in) on my finger and put it in her mouth. She didn't care much for it. She will be 7 months old on the 23rd. Should I be giving her some stage 2 foods with meat now? Her dr said we could move on to that, but not sure exactly when. I am considering giving her her first meat meal of turkey on Thanksgiving. I thought it would be appropriate. I know that I have seen those baby food jars of turkey and stuffing. That stuff stinks that worst though! Any thoughts?

Happy Veteran's Day tomorrow! I am very thankful for all the men and women who have sacrificed to keep our country safe and to protect our freedoms, including my Papa who served in the Navy during the Korean War. Thanks Papa for your hard work and sacrifice! I love you! My cousin Scott will be going to bootcamp in January to be a Marine. I pray continually for his safety and am very proud of his selfless choice!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Other Random Pics from the Past 2 Weeks

I totally meant to post this blog on Thursday...Friday at the latest. Ooops! It has been very busy as usual. I will go ahead at share events from the weekend. We went to a birthday party for a boy turning 1 and Makenna got to wear a party hat! It was cute! Saturday night, we went with Kevin and Debo to IHOP to eat dinner. I have been dying to try the Holiday Pancakes! I had gingerbread and they were delicious!! You know that fear that every mother has while out to eat about a waiter or waitress dropping a tray of food or drinks on their baby? Well it happened! Our waitress totally dropped a Dr. Pepper on Makenna! Luckily the glass didn't fall on her. It stayed on the tray and most of the ice cold drink and ice cubes fell in her lap. I am very thankful nothing landed on her head, and that it wasn't anything hot! I could have easily freaked out, but I didn't. The waitress freaked out WAY more! She felt awful, and I felt bad for her. Makenna cried a little I think out of shock and the cold wetness on her legs. I picked her up, stripped her down, and she was happy as a lark! Luckily I had a whole other outfit complete with a new bow in her bag and everything was good again. We had to completely dump her carrier out and wash her cover, but in the long run, it all turned out fine.

Here is Makenna with Abby, Granny Mart and Papaw's dog a couple of weekends ago. Makenna enjoyed playing with her!

It looks like they are having a staring contest. I think Makenna won!

One lazy Saturday we sat around in our comfy p.j.'s and played!

She was sooo happy!

She was loving relaxing with her Daddy. She kept patting him to make sure he was still there.

This is our first time to ever use our portable seat. I received it at a shower from a lady who is a grandma and she said they are wonderful. The previous weekend (2 weekends ago) I had to feed Makenna standing up at the Dodson's house. So last weekend we took this chair to the Norris's to feed her. It was great and it takes up hardly any space to travel with. Makenna wasn't so sure about it, but that is because she just wants to be held.

Tonight we went to Target to exchange 24 season 6 for season 7 because I bought the wrong one. Unfortunately they didn't have it which is a big bummer because they were on sale for $12..99 each. Amazing! Today it was back up to $37.99. Anyway, I was just browsing at the kids movies and I discovered a movie I have been searching years for!!!! Disney's a Christmas Carol!!! I loved that movie when I was a youngster and wanted it for my children. I searched really hard last year at every store, and on Amazon. I can't believe that I found it tonight! It seems silly, but it just made my week! I am sooooo ready for the Christmas season! I want to put our tree up so bad and decorate, but Brady won't let me until Thanksgiving week. I wonder how Makenna will like everything and if she will be crawling by then and get into everything......

Food Firsts

Makenna has eaten a lot of new foods in the last week and a half. Likes:bananas from the container, green beans, applesauce, carrots. Dislikes: real bananas smooshed, peas, yogurt (makes her spit up).

Makenna really like any kind of cup or drinking device. She sees it and immediately wants it and goes for it!

She gets really excited about big cups!

She just needs to figure out the straw.

Although her face looks like this, she really does like them, especially mixed with her rice cereal. And especially more than her peas!

She looooooooooves her bananas!!!!!

She ate the entire tub!

She wasn't sure about this new item.

She actually really enjoyed her banana yogurt the first day. It was mainly the 3rd day she wasn't a big fan. She could have also jsut been full. But she did spit up a lot after eating it.
Tomorrow we will try banana with peaches and oatmeal. Maybe we will try the yogurt again. Some vanilla yogurt.
We bought a fun birthday gift today for a b-day party this Saturday. Makenna really wanted it for herself! So glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!