Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4th of July

I never posted a 4th of July blog. Better late than never! It was also a special day because my little sis turned 19!!

I love this festive bathing suit! She wasn't too happy about being held at the moment. All she wanted was down to run around!
I didn't get a 4th of July outfit this year. Couldn't find one I really liked, then they were all sold out in her size! So I paired festive bows with this bluejean outfit!
Always on the go!
Her special shoe bows I couldn't resist!
I love this annoyed look, "Are you kidding me? You can't be serious!"

The bottom two pics are of last year 2009. Makenna's first July 4th ever! She was a little over 2 months old. My how she has changed sooooo much!!

Dr.'s Apt

Both Makenna and I went to the dr today and both of us got shots! Makenna hated her two shots, but I think she is done until she is 4 yrs old. She was 31 in long, 68%; weighed 21 lbs 3 oz, 25%. I was surprised by the weight because I don't think she looks like one of those really skinny babies that you worry about. I guess all that running and swimming slimmed her up. For the first time she was allowed to get a toy from the treasure box after her shot. She got a rubber fish, to which she made her fish face, and a ball.

I went for a Z-pac to clear up allergies. I also updated my T-Dap shot that I haven't had since I was 14. It includes tetnis, whooping cough, and I don't know what else.

We had an amazing breakfast at Dixie House this morning with the Hursts minus Billy. I did take a pic of the amazing cinnamon roll that is topped with ooey gooey butter, icing, and pecans. It really hit the spot!

Tonight after her bath, while I was rubbing lotion on her and putting on her pj's, I asked her what a cow said and she mooed! Then I asked what a puppy dog said and she panted. Then she quacked when I asked what a duck said! She did it right in a row without skipping a beat! She hadn't done that before and it was the highlight of my day. It even beat out the cinnamon roll!

Monday, July 26, 2010

What's New?

Well, lots of things! We have moved, or are in the process of moving to Wichita Falls. Brady was transferred at the bank. Our house in NRH is under contract; our option period ends tomorrow. I had a job interview last Thursday for a 3rd grade position. Apparently a lot of people interviewed for it, so not sure what will happen, but it is God's Will no matter what. I have taught third grade before for 2 years in North Carolina, so it won't be scary in that sense. We want to purchase a home in WF, but can't do so yet until our house sells and I get a teaching job.

Makenna has her 15 month check-up tomorrow morning. It will be our last time to be at the office, and we won't even get to see Dr. Nash because she was so booked up! I am very sad and hope to find a good Ped. in WF that I will love just as much.

Makenna is growing up so fast! She loves to swim, spins in circles, jumps, will follow directions like if you tell her to go get something or give something to someone, she can. The other day I asked her to open the door for me. She put her hand on the doorknob and tried to turn it! Of course she couldn't turn it, but she knew exactly what to do! It is just so amazing to see the wheels turn in her head and see how God created such a wonderful, intelligent, perfect little girl! There are many more stories, but I could go on and on.
Makenna and her Daddy swimming!

Daddy is already teaching his little girl how to shoot some hoops!

She decided to sweep the pool!

This past week we have had so much fun playing with cousins and friends. Somehow, they are all boys! We need some more girls to be born! We had a fun weekend with the Bailey's. They came over and swam with Connor (Makenna's little man she is supposed to marry)-3 yrs old, and Holden and Preston who are almost 5 mo old. Makenna loved playing with them, and their toys! They are such dear friends to us!
Makenna and her cousin Logan. They are a little more than 2 months apart.

Today, Makk and I went to see the Dodson's. For the first time, we got to see Brock eat his cereal. He loved it! It really took me back. It seems it was just yesterday Makenna was eating cereal for the first time. We will see a lot of them this weekend since the men are having their Fantasy Football Draft...Boooo. Us girls and babies will do our own thing! We really miss seeing the Dodson's like we used to and will be very sad when we close on our house because they have been the best of friends to us!
Here is Brock eating his cereal tonight!

Before Makenna's apt tomorrow, we are meeting the Hursts for the most AMAZING cinnamon roll! I will have to take a pic and post it tomorrow! We love the Hursts and will miss them too. God has really given us some great friends, memories, and a special time here in the metroplex. I'm excited to see how God will bless us and provide for us in the coming weeks in the Falls! Stay tuned for pics!

She loooves her water gun!

Don't you love her headband with the flower? Moni went to Seattle and got her this and a pink one. We loove them! It looked so perfect with this dress!
I give up! I'll get dresses!
After I read and write in my notebook!