Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lost Post

I apparently started this posts months ago, but never blogged it.

A few days old.

A couple weeks old.  He was Mickey Mouse for Halloween while his sissy was Minnie Mouse.

They ride in the car a lot like this.  She loves to hold his hand!

His Aunt Dee got him this.

First Vegies

We started out with some yellow veggies.  Squash was first, I think.  Then sweet potatoes.  He took to his yellow veggies, but not so much the green ones.  He makes a sour lemon face when he eats green beans or peas, so I have to mix them with his yellow veggies.  I think sweet potatoes are his favorite, with squash right behind them.  Carrots are okay.  He really likes his bananas!  He has also tried peaches and apples.  He like them fine, but I think the peaches were a little too sour for him.  We'll try pears maybe tomorrow.  

Caden's 4 month apt was on a Thursday.  Brady wanted to begin veggies on Saturday since Dr. Yap gave the go ahead.  I was a little nervous, but I was convinced.  So we tried it at dinner time with his cereal.

 He got so full, he fell asleep right in his chair!

 Yum Yum!
We had to teach him to not eat the jar, but what is inside of it.

First Cereal

This was Caden's first time in a high chair. He did very well! He really liked his cereal and ate it all up! Sister Bear like to watch and encourage him.  This was at 3 1/2 months, so like a month and a half ago.

He wasn't gonna leave a single drop behind!

Caden is Born!

These are some pics that my dear friend Jessica took at the hospital. She was actually in the room with me and experienced my whole giving birth process and I was so lucky that she documented it! I left out my "pushing" pics, so be glad I spared you all! I wish I could upload more and comment on each pic. Again, part of the reason why I don't blog often at all is because it is messed up and iPhoto makes it very difficult. When I am creating a new blog, my uploaded pics don't show. All I see is the 6 lines of gibberish. It wasn't always like this, so I hope I can fix it soon. Thanks goodness for Spring Break so I have some time to blog and show off my babies! Also, thank goodness for nap times!

Caden is 2 Months Old

At 2 months Caden weighed 13.5 lbs (75%), was 24 1/4 in long (75%), and his head was 16 1/4 in around (75%). He is a growing boy who loves to smile and snuggle. He sleeps pretty good through the night. We don't quite have a nap routine established, but he's still so young! We are having the best time and Makenna loves her Bubba Caden!

Caden is 3 Months Old

At 3 months Caden is laughing out loud, smiling all the time, lifts his head very well, and loves his milk! He also loves his sister and just smiles at her and grabs for her. She likes to sing to him when he gets upset and it immediately calms him most of the time. Their favorite songs to sing are either "Jesus Love Me" or ABC's. He is such a happy little guy and he sure loves to snuggle with his Mama!

Caden 4 months

Here is Caden at 4 months old.

He weighed 15.15 pounds (50%). He was 26 1/4 in long (90%). His head measured 17 1/4 in around (90%). He is a big boy! He can laugh out loud, raise himself up, sit with a little support, roll over front to back, "sing" and talk a lot. He loves eating his cereal. We introduced it at 3 1/2 mo and he took right to it. Dr. Yap told us at his 4 mo apt that he can have meals 3 times a day, eat veggies and fruits, and drink water from a sippy cup! That seems so early for me, but we decided to give some of it a try!