Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Year's Eve 2010

For some reason, my blog is being weird and only showing URLs, so i can't comment on these pics. But here are our friends celebrating New Years! The 3 girls are Deborah, Dana, and me. I look so short compared to these fabulous ladies! Then There is Makk and I, and Brady and I. We had a lot of fun! Landon and his wife Dana came to hang out. Deborah, Kevin, and their son Brock spent the night, along with Matt who I am hoping to hook up with a wonderful Christian lady. Makk and Brock loooved playing in her ball pit together. After that, Kevin and De had to go buy Brock his own! Thanks for coming down guys!

Christmas #7

I uploaded some pics today and saw that I need to blog about our last Christmas we had. My family from Arkansas came down Jan 1 to celebrate!
Here is Makenna and my brother James. She was very content to sit with him!
Makk with my sister Kristen. James and Kristen are 16 year old twins!
James, Makk, Your's Truly, and Kristen. Unfortunately I'm not looking at the camera.
Siblings and my Dad.

Makk with her Nana and Popsie!

Makk got 4 of these dolls, each a different color. And each came with little shoes. Makk kept putting them on her toes. It was so funny!

We had a wonderful round of Christmases and it was so good to see my family that I rarely get to see!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Show Us Your Singles! Matt Kennedy!

There is this really cool blog called Kelly's Korner which you can find at Each year she is having a Single Blog where people can post people they know. There are 3 success stories from last year where 2 couples are already engaged and maybe another couple on the way!! So, this is for my friend Matt, who is close to my in-law family. He is also Honorary Uncle to my daughter, which I shortened to Hunkle Matt! Here is a bio that I wrote up about him!

Matt Kennedy is a 28 year old who is currently head coach of women's track at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. He is homegrown in Texas and is therefore a natural gentleman and a respectful man. His hometown is in Wichita Falls, Texas. He enjoys coaching, refereeing basketball, hunting, and hanging out with friends. One of his favorite restaurants is Texas Roadhouse. He also loves to spend time in Oklahoma City where he has many friends and favorite hang-out/dining spots. He was previously a coach at Oklahoma Baptist University.

He enjoys going to concerts to listen to Texas Country. He is also a very good 2-stepper! He is lots of fun to be around and always brings a smile to your face. If you ever have spent any time hanging out with him, you have probably been spotlighting out in Dundee! He loves anything to do with the outdoors.

As I said, he is a very nice guy and needs a sweet girl who won't take advantage of him. He's just waiting to meet Miss Perfect, and don't be surprised if he spoils you! My married friends and I so badly want him to meet the right girl and fall in love, so with his permission, we have posted this for him. If you are interested, please email me at My sister-in-law also blogged about Matt. You can also read her blog at Thanks!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


I don't have pics to post this time b/c I still need to dump pics from my big camera and need to find the cord. Makenna has entered into the dark side...the terrible two's that is! Yeah it is a little early by 4 months, but she has figured out how to work the system to see what she can get away with.

One little example comes from yesterday while I was cooking dinner or something. Brady and Makk were in the play room playing with her kitchen. Brady was showing her how to put the plastic hotdog wiener inside the plastic bun. She began to put it in her mouth, but too far in where she was about to choke. Brady pulled it out and told her not in the mouth. This went on a few times until she said "Ear." So Brady gave it back to her and she put it in her ear! When she saw it worked, she would slyly put it back in her mouth until Brady took it away again. Then she repeated "ear." She again she put it in her ear! It was so funny to us that she would try that just to get the toy back. At 20 months old, she should not be logically thinking out ploys to get her way like that!

As I said, we have entered the dark side. She is throwing tantrums like I have never seen! Sometimes it's over trivial things. So we have enacted "time-out." We've only used it a few times, but she doesn't like it. Basically, she sits in her room facing the wall for a minute or so while one of us sits behind her. Then we try to logically explain her bad choices=bad consequences and we need her to make good choices and be a good girl. I know your thinking a 20 month old doesn't understand that. But this is the same girl that realized she wasn't allowed to have her hotdog unless she put it in a different body part, so came up with ear. She actuallyunderstands a lot! It's kind of scary. I hope we get through this stage very quickly!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!!

A new year is hear, do I hear a cheer? Hoping that 2011 is an amazing year for all my friends and family far and near. I can't continue this rhyme because I'm running out of time!

Below is another pic of Makk's trampoline. She doesn't like us to zip it. She starts screaming "no!" when we do.
Here's my little ragamuffin!
On Monday, we went to North Richland Hills to visit our friends the Dodsons. This is their handsome son Brock who is 10 months. Yes, we let them take a bath together. Don't judge! They had a blast! They kind of ignore each other for the most part.
Below Makk is pointing to Brock saying "Brock."
They both must be staring at the same thing which seems to be intriguing!
We started potty training this week and it has been very successful! We are on day 4 and she has peed and pooped many times! Hope it stays consistent and easy and we don't have to drag this out. Hope everyone has a wonderific new year!!!!!!