Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fun Good Friday with Friends

Not only was this past weekend so great because of what I mentioned in my Easter post, but also because we got to hang out with these cool kids on Friday morning!  We went to Chuck E Cheese with Makenna's church friends and had a blast!  Her friends Lane (who she has a crush on), his sister Ashlyn, Lilly, and the twins Addison and Braelyn went with us.  Then we went to Ronnie's burger for lunch.  They were very well behaved, but we do make a statement wherever we go!  Who could miss a large group of adorable youngsters?!
This is a Roller Coaster ride.  There is a visual on the screen and the chair moves and vibrates.  I love Addison's face here as she turns to Lilly for comfort!
Such sweet smiles!

Addison has pulled Braelyn on to her lap.  Addison is a very strong girl who picks up anyone and anything!  She loves to have her sister on her lap!
And now they thought it a good idea for Braelyn to be their step stool!  They are so silly!
They love to try and fit in the tea cup, I think, that goes 'round and 'round.  The picture is blurry, but I love how all 4 can squeeze in there!
KK remembered to smile!

Here's my only pic of Caden-sad face.  He also had a blast.  Everyone wants to hold him and he is quite all right with that!

Unfortunately, I did not get pics of Lane and Ashlyn.  KK and Lane were playing a game together and it was so precious!  Then as soon as I got my camera ready, they were gone, of course!  We had a blast! She has made some sweet and dear friends.  

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